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If you Received an Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) a.k.a. SPAM with links pointing to this website please fill up the form below to let us know.

Our products are sold by many Affiliates and Resellers of which the majority are ethical individuals. Unfortunately, we do get the occasional spammer that tries to sell our products using unethical and illegal techniques from time to time.

Whenever this happen, and we are notified, the Spammer is permanently banned from promoting any of our products and reported to the authorities.


We know that receiving SPAM is frustrating, but know that we DO NOT Encourage SPAM Activity in any way or form. We hate SPAM and DO NOT make any Profit from it. In fact, SPAM activity costs us thousands of dollars per year and tarnish our Company's Image.

Kindly fill out the below form with as much info as possible, so that we can investigate as soon as possible.

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